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ID Name Level Archetype Element Base stats Additional Info Action
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Simulate fully grinded runes
Spd Tune
No broken sets
Use equipped runes only and fill empty slots

Fight Set

+8% Atk

Enhance Set

+8% HP

Deter. Set

+8% Def

Acc Set

+10% Acc

Tol Set

+10% Res

Use locked runes
Ignore locked runes even if equipped on this monster
Use only runes from inventory
Use only runes from storage monsters
Max. +12 for slots 1,3,5
Display result values with summoner skills
Display result values with GW skills

Ignore runes in higher priority monsters
Force these runes to be included in builds
Attribute Artifact
Attribute Artifact
Type Artifact
Type Artifact
Disable artifacts optimization
Use current artifacts only
Use locked artifacts
Use intangible artifacts
Use only artifacts from inventory
Max +12 for artifacts
Use Prefiltered Mode
Use Filter Threshold System
GPU Optimization
Virtualize GPUs

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        Team Storage
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        Only inventory
        Only 5/6*
        1. Get started
        Summoner's War Exporter (SWEX) is an excellent tool to extract the necessary data from your device. SWEX also provides an in-app help section where everything important is explained. If you don't have a PC or want a more comfortable solution feel free to try out SWEX Web.

        Visit our Discord for questions or help:

        Download Rune Exporter (SWEX)
        2. SWOP Connect
        SWOP Connect uses the power of your GPU to make optimizations up to 100 times faster – that saves lots of time and provides better results. It’s an app that connects your graphics card and your browser. SWOP Connect is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

        All information about this tool: SWOP Connect

        Purchase Logout Logged in as
        3. Import via JSON File
        Import options
        Keep builds. (Refresh data)
        Override Origin Locations
        Override Origin Runes

        Replace "(In Storage)" in Monster names with *
        Unequip runes from Rainbowmon / Devilmon
        Don't import Rainbowmon / Devilmon
        Don't import monsters without runes
        Don't import monsters with grade < (monsters with runes equipped will be imported regardless)
        Patreon Features

        Enjoy more features via Patreon! Your advantages:

        • cloud archive for your JSON file
        • cloud archive for your SWOP settings
        • import your data from anywhere
        • usage of SWEX Web
        • Advanced and completely customizable rune tagging and filtering capabilities
        • No ads

        If you have unlocked the features it can take up to 4 hours to take effect, unless you logout and login again.

        Welcome !

        Keep in mind, that when you are at the file limit the oldest file will be replaced automatically. You can also use SWEX Web to get your JSON data without any app or PC needed!

        No files available.
        No files available.
        No files available.
        • Optimizing with 5 Focus Stats: choose 5 stats that are the most important for your monster. The optimizer will include these stats into its calculations and suggest the most suitable builds.
        • Working with filters: this function lets you differentiate the good builds from the exceptional builds. Put in some thresholds like Crit = 70%, desired minimum HP values and so on.
        • Working with +12, 15 and actual stats. You currently don’t want to spend mana for upgrading your runes? Go with the “actual stats” option. Is +12 enough for you? Choose “+12”. And for sure you know what to do if +15 is your only way to go. Any change of these options will force a quick revaluation of your builds.
        • Are you happy with a new build? Equip and lock these runes! That way they won’t be suggested in any further builds. If there’s this one rune you don’t want to use, just click “Exclude” and optimize again.
        • Runes and substat upgrades: When choosing a set, take the column "substat upgrades" into consideration – the number of additional substat upgrades indicates how many additional stats you can get when powering up these runes.
        New features
        • Added new monsters (various Cookie Collab monsters)
        • Added live exclusion fucntionality, where you can exclude monsters, runes and artifacts instantly without the need of re-optimizations (Conenct & Pro only)
        • Added new Virtualize GPU option (Connect only)
        • Added NOT option for the tag filter
        • Added None option to the tag filter
        • Added new monsters (Totemist)
        • Added ability to enable enchanted Gems during the optimization
        • Added new monsters (ROBO & Sky Surfer)
        • Added ability to include & exclude artifacts from monsters and artifacts itself in the optimization section
        • Added ability to sort by stat gem value as an addition to the stat and grind value in the Runes table
        • Option 'Show grind values in runes table' will now also apply to the general rune slot display
        • Added ability to sort by stat grind value instead of the stat value itself in the Runes table
        • Added new import option: 'Unequip runes from Rainbowmon / Devilmon'
        • Added search functionality for the 'Lock monster on import' table in the Settings section
        • Added Clear Button to the speedtune section
        • Added Water Midboss of GB10 / GB12 to the Dungeon Presets
        • Fixed bug where SWOP sometimes didn't show builds although it was indicated that there were some
        • Added missing speed lead of Tien Qin
        • Fixed leader skill of Aschubel in speedtune data
        • Added artifact substat optimizations for DMG values
        • Added new optimization option 'Show artifact substats in stats'
        • Fixed issue where sometimes users weren't able to import the profile in RTA mode
        • Renamed 'Fill missing rune slots' option to 'Use equipped runes only and fill empty slots' to better reflect what this option actually does
        • SWOP Connect (v1.0.6+)
          • Added ETA and builds per second to the optimization stats
          • Drastically improved performance of the 'Simulate fully grinded runes' mode
          • Improved memory management
          • Improved performance of sorting builds
          • Fixed issue while filtering builds
        • Added new monsters (Mage)
        • Added ability to use the 'Use only runes from inventory' & 'Use only runes from storage monsters' options at the same time
        • Added monster element to the monster table
        • Added automatic update of the Speed totem value in the speedtune section after every import
        • Added SPD leader info of Akhamamir
        • Added ability to set ATB boosts for any monster in the speedtune section
        • Added missing artifact substats to the artifact filter section
        • Fixed various issues with monster's speedtune data (Khmun, Carcano & Mirinae)
        • Fixed artifact deletion not working
        • Added new monsters (Onmyouji & Onimusha)
        • Fixed artifact efficiency issues caused by some wrong max substat values

        How to use this app

        1. You need the tool Summoners War Exporter (SWEX) to extract all your runes from the game, fully automatically. Download it here
        2. SWEX provides an in-app Help section where everything important is written.
        3. SWEX delivers your JSON file that can be imported to our app. Et voila!
        Windows 10 Universal App (& Web Version) created by Xzandro


        view the complete changelog on our website


        for some features we need the swarfarm API to get the requiered data. So thanks to porksmash for that.

        SWOP Bot

        A Discord bot is required on your server if you want to use the Discord sharing. You can invite the bot via this link.
        Lock monster on import
        Chose your monsters that have to be locked with every import:
        General settings
        Show actual stats in monster table as default
        Show grind values in runes table and rune slots
        Show gem values in runes table
        Include grind values in rune efficiency formula
        Compare monster stats from last import (if available) instead of current stats
        Here you can back up all important files. Settings and your current monster and rune data. To restore your settings you can select the settings.json and import it right away. You need to refresh the page afterwards.
        Efficiency Weights
        Summoner Skills

        New monster and rune data available! Do you want to import new data from the JSON file? Please keep in mind that your currently saved builds will be deleted.

        Do not show the dialog in this session again.

        You need to enter the actual craft value to determine the new exact rune substat value.

        Damage: 0
        Ignore defense
        Is a bomb
        Is a single target ability
        Attack together ability?
        First attack?
        Use skills
        Use guildwar skills
        Use Def Break
        Use Atk Buff
        Use Def Buff
        Use Spd Buff
        Use Brand Debuff

        Monster name was not found. Please select the monster manually.

        You can create a monster if you manually type in name, level and base stats.

        Here you can create a monster (at level 40) just by selecting the desired one (at level 40). All stats and relevant other information will be retrieved automatically.


        Hi there! This is a Patreon only feature. If you want to use this feature you have to login via Patreon and pledge $5+. Thanks for your support and I appreciate you using SWOP.

        If you decide to become a Patron of mine, you will get access to other cool features as well. Like:

        • cloud archive for your JSON file
        • cloud archive for your SWOP settings
        • import your data from anywhere
        • usage of SWEX Web
        • Advanced and completely customizable rune tagging and filtering capabilities
        • No ads