SWOP Connect
How To SWOP Connect
  1. Go to https://tool.swop.one and login via Google in the SWOP Connect section
  2. Purchase SWOP Connect via the Purchase button. Payments via credit cards are usually processed instantly. Other payment methods like SEPA can take a couple of days to process. You will see all the information regarding this after the purchase directly on the page.
  3. After the payment was processed successfully, you will see a download button. Download it for your currently used OS. SWOP Connect is available for all Windows versions, Mac and Linux.
  4. Install SWOP Connect and make sure it's started. You can see if it's running via the Tray icon or directly on the SWOP Web page in the SWOP Connect section.
  5. And that's it! As long as you have SWOP Connect running, you will see GPU Optimization option in the optimization section in SWOP Web and profit of the extreme speed improvement SWOP Connect provides.

How much faster is SWOP Connect and is it faster than SWOP Pro?
SWOP Connect is over 100 times faster than the normal version. This sounds like an insane number, but it is true. It's also up to 5 times faster than SWOP Pro. This is not because we wanted an incentive to let users buy both Pro and SWOP Connect and we also didn't make SWOP Pro slower intentionally. We just have more freedom and don't have to only use the technology Microsoft wants us to use. In SWOP Pro we are obligated to use C++ AMP to even publish it to the MS store. For SWOP Connect we use OpenCL, which seems faster by default.

Will you replace SWOP Pro with SWOP Connect?
No, we don't have plans to abandon SWOP Pro currently. SWOP Pro still has some advantages like LiveSync. Although this can be implemented into SWOP Connect eventually. It's up to you really. The big advantage of SWOP Connect is that it's available for a lot more platforms and that I get pretty much all of the revenue, since no more store is involved.

Is there a discount if I previously bought SWOP Pro?
Yes there is a 50% discount! But you would need to provide proof, that you bought SWOP Pro. Since Microsoft does not hand over customer data, I would not know otherwise. So be as detailed as possible. You can send this proof via reddit, Discord (Xzandro#0001) or email

Does this work in any browser?
It works in the most common browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It currently does NOT work in Safari, so if you are a Mac user, we recommend to use either Chrome or Firefox for now.

Is my payment information safe?
Yes, we don't save any of your payment information on our servers. We use stripe for all of the payment processing. A well reputed and regarded payment processor used world wide by many big companies as well.

Where can I receive help if something is not working properly?
Best way to get help is my Discord probably. I'm also available on reddit. My name is usually Xzandro everywhere.